Our Flavors

Many people ask, what is the difference between jam and jelly?  Jelly only uses the juice from the fruit while jam uses the whole fruit – juice and pulp – for a richer flavor that can also include chunks of the fruit.

The basic ingredients in each jar of jam are fruit (from local farms and markets), sugar, pectin, and lemon juice.  From those beginnings, the fun combinations can begin!

We sell 8 ounce jars of all flavors and the cost is $7.00 each or 3 jars for $18.00.

* Marks flavors that we will be producing throughout 2020.  If you would like any of our other flavors, you can request it with a four jar minimum order of that flavor.


Single fruits – most produced from locally-grown fruit with no removal of small seeds

Black Raspberry – the firmest raspberry with the fewest number of seeds


Cherry – Door County cherries make a tart jam



* Peach – Colorado peaches make the perfect jam

Red Raspberry

Rhubarb – a tart taste that makes a thick, colorful jam

* Strawberry – one smell will transport you back to the beginning of summer


No Sugar Added – after receiving many requests, we are now producing no sugar varieties of a few flavors. The only ingredients are fruit, pectin, and lemon juice.

Grape No Sugar

Strawberry No Sugar

Multi-fruit jams – if one fruit is good, more is better

* 5 Berry – an equal combination of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, and cranberries for a sweet and tart mix

Cranberry Lime – take cranberries and add a touch of lime to create a tart jam that has been described as Thanksgiving in a jar

Red Raspberry Lemonade – a mix of two parts lemon and one part red raspberry for a jam that takes like a sweet tart

Strawberry Blueberry – created as a trial at the end of a day of jam making by combining the two fruits remaining, this was a hit from the first taste

Strawberry Lemonade – mix two parts lemon with one part strawberry for a great jam that leaves a tickle on the tongue

* Strawberry Rhubarb – a classic Midwest combination that became our best-selling jam


Beer jams – created in 2011 as the man’s jam

Black Raspberry Stout – a mix of dark berries and even darker stout beer for a rich flavor explosion

* Cherry Blue Moon – what could be better than cherry jam with a hint of orange from the added Blue Moon beer

Red Raspberry Honey Weiss – the honey in the beer is the perfect compliment to red raspberries


Jams with added alcohol

Blueberry with Cinnamon and Vanilla Rum – inspired by grandma’s pie recipe that included a touch of rum and spice to compliment the fruit

Cherry with Brandy and Nutmeg – a tart, spicy jam with a hint of brandy that you can smell when opening the jar

Pina Colada – designed after the classic drink it includes cream of coconut, real coconut, banana, and fresh pineapple


Other combinations

Chocolate Raspberry – chocolate melted in raspberries to create a perfect topping for ice cream

Chocolate Strawberry – another great way to enjoy chocolate, mix with strawberries and use on top of pancakes or waffles

* Pear Ginger – a tangy alternative to plain pear and a great glaze for pork or chicken